Schweizerisches Nationalmuseum / Landesmuseum Zürich

Museumstrasse 2, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland

Nestled in the heart of Zürich at Museumstrasse 2, the Schweizerisches Nationalmuseum / Landesmuseum Zürich serves as a premier destination for both tourists and locals interested in Swiss culture and history. With an impressive average rating of 4.50 out of 5 stars, based on 7,200 reviews, this museum and tourist attraction has clearly earned its reputation as a leading institution of Swiss heritage.

Open to the public and conveniently located near Zürich's main transportation hubs, the museum offers a comprehensive exploration of Switzerland's cultural history, from its early beginnings to the modern era. Visitors can immerse themselves in a wide array of exhibits featuring art, artifacts, and historical documents, all meticulously curated to provide an enlightening experience. The museum houses everything from medieval armory and traditional costumes to contemporary art, showcasing the rich tapestry of Swiss life through the ages.

The architecture of the museum itself is a sight to behold, combining elements of traditional Swiss design with modern facilities, making it both a cultural and architectural landmark in Zürich. Its strategic location also means that you're just a stone's throw away from other city attractions, allowing you to incorporate multiple facets of Swiss culture into your itinerary.

Whether you're a history buff, an art lover, or simply curious about Switzerland, the Schweizerisches Nationalmuseum / Landesmuseum Zürich offers an enriching experience that caters to a wide range of interests. Its impressive rating bears testament to its quality and appeal, solidifying its status as a must-visit attraction in Zürich. Experience Switzerland's rich heritage in a venue that is as educational as it is captivating; this museum is not just a building filled with objects, but a vibrant storyteller of the Swiss narrative.

Where Schweizerisches Nationalmuseum / Landesmuseum Zürich is located at?
Schweizerisches Nationalmuseum / Landesmuseum Zürich is located at Museumstrasse 2, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland.
What is the contact number of Schweizerisches Nationalmuseum / Landesmuseum Zürich?
The contact number of Schweizerisches Nationalmuseum / Landesmuseum Zürich is 044 218 65 11
What is the email address of Schweizerisches Nationalmuseum / Landesmuseum Zürich?
The email address of Schweizerisches Nationalmuseum / Landesmuseum Zürich is info [at]

5 ThePinkfreak805 11 months ago

A beautiful museum with some great exhibits and artifacts. I feel that I learned quite a lot about Switzerland here, and got to see some really beautiful things. The architecture of the museum itself is really beautiful. There are some rooms kept in traditional styles which are really lovely. They’ve got artificial dating back thousands of years, all the way down to modernity. Some cool stuff. I’d recommend checking it out

5 T LE 10 months ago

I had the pleasure of visiting the Swiss National Museum, and I must say it was an outstanding experience that surpassed my expectations. From the moment I entered, I was captivated by the rich history and cultural heritage that unfolded before my eyes.

The museum's extensive collection beautifully showcases the diverse facets of Swiss history. Every exhibit is thoughtfully curated and expertly presented, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the fascinating stories of the past. From ancient artifacts to intricate artworks, each piece tells a unique tale, making the journey through Swiss history truly engrossing.

5 Max M 10 months ago

Best interactive experience I have had in a museum. There are multiple AR devices to visualize battles and the like on real, large dioramas. All exhibits are in depth, and we were able to spend forty minutes across 3 small rooms before we decided to pick up the pace. Highly recommend the history of Switzerland exhibit, but allocate 2+ hrs to get the complete experience.

5 Manipadma (Mani) 11 months ago

We had more than an hour on hand before our ride started for Heididorf from the Central bus station. So as the museum was close by we decided to spend some time there. Please note that the Landesmuseum entry is included in the Swiss travel pass. So we just strolled in there. Got our entry tickets from the counter , stored the luggage/bags and went in. 1. The displays were interesting from 3 D maps to valuable scrolls, photographs chronicling the history.
A Must visit I would say

5 Fidea Andre 11 months ago

Great place to learn about the history of the country. They have many exhibits, a gift store that’s great and a coffee shop. I enjoyed the ring exhibit and the history of Switzerland.

5 Gordon Herron 12 months ago

A wonderful museum with all kinds of history from ancient to very recent. Most is centered on either Zurich or Switzerland but the current World Press Photo 2023 exhibit is worldwide. The content variety and interactive displays was impressive. We spent all day exploring and probably saw about half the museum.

4 Minh Hua 11 months ago

This is worth a stop to get a little history on Zurich. It's cool that it's a museum within a medieval castle. I miss you like the room with the spears and the room with the traditional clothing.

Some of the exhibits have very stale air, so you got allergies? That might be a little issue.

Overall, not necessary. World class museum but definitely worth the 10 francs and a stopover if you're nearby.

5 A O 21 months ago

Great museum and lovely architecture. The entry is free if you have the travel pass! There's a cafe in the main level. There are also some food trucks outside.
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